The book, ‘Body Warfare’ by Lisa Renn…


This new book by Lisa Renn is the ‘How to” of sustainable weight loss.
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Body Warfare is for people who say, “I know
what to do, but I just have trouble doing it and keeping my efforts going”

Body Warfare introduces the S.T.A.R Strategy
which is a guaranteed motivation booster and provides a set format for the reader to refocus their weight loss efforts when they go off track. The book discusses concepts of cognitive behavioural therapy and informs the reader that you can change your weight loss outcome by changing the way you react in any given situation. Change your thoughts to change your actions = sustainable weight loss.


Do you eat when you are stressed or anxious?
Do you lose weight only to regain it again?
Do you have trouble keeping your exercise going?

Weight comes back on after a dieting attempt as people tend to do the
same things over and again – so nothing ever changes – that includes
your weight or your bad habits. Body Warfare provides a strategy for
ongoing motivation and discusses how people struggling with weight can
change the way they think.This is the icing on any weight loss attempt, in
that it provides strategies for the reader to not only lose weight but keep
it off. RRP $25.00


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