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Here is the Ultimate Weight Control Solution program- you will be introduced to some new and challenging concepts – that is, they will be different from a diet and this program will ask you to do some work. But remember, doing something differently will guarantee a different outcome- in this case permanent weight loss.


Within this program you will have access to the Seven online modules. I encourage you to watch the tutorial video’s as you go through the work book. Stop and start the videos as you need in order to make sure you are answering the questions in the booklet – this will be how you get the most out of this program. Re-do any module as often as you like.


Module One: Easy Meal Planning


Module Two: Identify your Barriers


Module Three: Goal Setting


Module Four: Discover your Reason and get Motivation


Module Five: Manage Hunger Happily


Module Six: Turn your Desire to Lose Weight into Responsibility


Module Seven: Relapse Prevention

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