Diabetes solutions… 

Based in the Melbourne suburb of Ringwood, Lisa Renn has over 13 years experience helping people with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes get better control of their blood sugar levels while maintaining a good quality of life.
Lisa has been working closely with diabetes educators over the past 13
years and has an excellent knowledge of all things diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes management…

Lisa is a DAFNE (Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating) facilitator and has
an extensive knowledge of insulin dosage and carbohydrate counting for
those people using insulin pens. For those people with Type 1 on an insulin
pump Lisa can help you perfect your carbohydrate counting skills or help
get you started with learning about carbohydrates if you are commencing
on an insulin pump.


People with Type 1 diabetes have traditionally had to follow very strict
diets which didn’t take into consideration socialising or eating less healthy
foods. There are now many new ways to manage your diabetes that will
give you more say in how you live your life and how you want to eat.
Come and learn how, make an appointment today 1300 725 806.


Type 2 diabetes management…

The management of diabetes, particularly Type 2 diabetes, is all about healthy eating and exercise. These are the corner stones of diabetes management and tie in really well with other health issues that you may need to consider such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Often people feel their health conditions have competing and conflicting nutrition
messages. Body Warfare Nutrition can help you navigate the mine field of
mixed messages you get about diabetes and clarify the direction to head

    • Your individualised plan will take into consideration:


  • your lifestyle,
  • food preferences as well as
  • your medical conditions.

Let the dietitians at Body Warfare Nutrition take the worry out of your diabetes management by increasing your skills to understand what
diabetes is, why you need to eat and exercise well but most importantly
how to maintain a good quality of life.

    • Your appointments at Body Warfare Nutrition will include:


  • Assessment of your current diet
  • Assessment of your current physical activity level and your
  • Education re “What is diabetes?”
  • Individualised meal plan based on your current intake and
  • Understanding carbohydrates and the glycaemic index
  • Label reading for diabetes management
  • Assistance with weight loss and general healthy eating advice.

Dispelling some diabetes myths…

Good diabetes management is about establishing a balance between the
things you like to eat and the things that are good for you. There is a
belief that once you have been diagnosed with diabetes that you can’t eat
sugar, or grapes, or chocolate; everyone has something to say about what
you should or shouldn’t be doing. Sugar is only one small part of the
diabetes story, it is actually okay to include small amounts of sugar in
your diet if you have diabetes… it all comes down to portion size.


Set your mind at ease, get information from the experts.
Call 1300 725 806 and make an appointment to see our diabetes dietitians in Ringwood today!

All enquiries, Lisa 0413 956 107




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