When you think of weight loss do you think of endless battles with
yourself about what you should and shouldn’t eat? Is it about feeling
disappointed and despondent each time you make the wrong food choice
or don’t get up to do the exercise you had planned? Are you getting tired
of losing the first bit of weight but giving up before you achieve your goal

    • At Body Warfare Nutrition, our unique approach ensures that you will:


  • Have the tools to motivate yourself for the long haul of weight loss
  • Be able to recognise what stops your weight loss success and get you
    back on track faster
  • Make your diet efforts last longer
  • Ensure the weight you get off stays off.


Weight Control Solutions…

We offer a unique range of weight control solutions which will help you to
achieve your goal weight and more importantly keep it off. Body Warfare
dieticians are Melbourne based and will help you create a healthier
relationship with food and bring back your enjoyment of all foods… guilt

We understand that knowing what to eat is not enough, it’s about a long
term trusted partnership, where you can feel comfortable discussing your
barriers to changing your eating habits, without fear of judgement, and be
guaranteed to boost your motivation levels in the course of each

To ensure your weight loss success we provide both face to face, email and online packages that allow you to choose the weight control mode that best suits you.


Body Warfare’s Philosophy on Weight Loss
and Weight Management…

    • Weight loss is more than just healthy eating and exercise, it’s about:


  • Changing your relationship with food.
  • Having a way to motivate yourself when you are feeling yourself
    slipping. Read Lisa’s blog post “Want more motivation”
  • Having a great support person who can help you with up to date
    nutrition information and skills to help you change your bad food

Body Warfare dietitians can provide you with the skills to develop this
successful weight loss partnership. Lisa has written her first book ‘Body
Warfare – The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss’ (Brolga publishing 2011)
which deals with the ‘how-to’ of permanent weight loss. Come and benefit
from her 12 years experience assisting people to create realistic and
permanent weight loss. Click here to read the first chapter of her book for

How do we do this?

Lisa has done further training in Health Coaching and Motivational
Interviewing and practises some of the techniques used in ACT
(Acceptance & Commitment Therapy):
Health Coaching works with people to establish personal goals for weight
loss and healthy eating or anything else you want to achieve! It considers
what is important for you right now and creates a plan of action.

Motivational interviewing involves actively listening to your story and helps
you to get down to the real issues of what is preventing your weight loss
and helps to turn this around.

ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) works with people’s values and
really taps into what is important. It’s a great way to increase your
motivation for change and create permanent weight loss.

    • What your weight loss program will include:


  • Individualised plan for eating which considers your busy lifestyle and
    family needs
  • Individualised attention to your particular food issues and habits. It’s
    no good just telling you what to eat… you already know that. It’s
    about finding out why you use food the way you do.
  • Focus on changing your bad food habits forever not just in the short
  • Teaching you how to plan your meals.
  • Learn about label reading and what’s really important to look for.
  • Learn how to modify recipes and to know what is healthy and what’s
    not going to help with weight loss.
  • Education about portion size and eating out.

Get ongoing support without judgement…

Permanent weight loss is not easy to achieve as it involves changing just
about everything in your lifestyle as well as some of your core beliefs.
Based in Melbourne’s East with rooms in Ringwood, Body Warfare
dieticians can see you through to a successful end point to a healthy
lifestyle that will benefit you and your family.

Get started on your new healthy lifestyle today! Call 1300 725 806
for an appointment and be on your way to permanent weight loss.

All enquiries, Lisa 0413 956 107
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