Healthy eating solutions…

The dietitians at Body Warfare Nutrition in Ringwood, are committed to
providing accurate evidence based nutrition solutions for all. Nutrition
information will be tailored to your individual needs and a plan for action
will be created to get you moving towards a new healthier you. Our
guarantee is that you will leave your first appointment happy that the
plan we have created together is right for you.

Body Warfare Nutrition dietitians know that healthy eating is often easier
said than done. It is a natural tendency to expect perfection and if we
don’t achieve it then we have failed.

This type of black and white thinking won’t get you far in a healthy
lifestyle as there is always something that comes up to present an
opportunity to eat the less healthy foods – and we would not be human if
we didn’t sometimes take up this offer!

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The answer to healthy eating and healthy lifestyles…

Don’t expect perfection! Healthy eating and weight loss are about seeing
things in shades of grey. Most times we make good food choices and
sometimes we choose to eat food that is less healthy… and that is normal
and healthy eating. It’s getting the balance right that’s important!

Let the dieticians at Body Warfare Nutrition in Ringwood help create the
right balance for you… a balance that takes into consideration your likes
and dislikes and the needs of your family. There’s no use trying to follow
a meal plan if you don’t like the food or have to cook two meals,
one for you and another for the rest of the family.

Healthy eating must mean sustainable habits otherwise it is no use even
getting started because eventually it will all get too hard and you will go
back to your usual habits.

The most important thing to know to create
a healthy lifestyle…

Healthy eating is all about good planning. The best healthy eating plans
fall apart if you don’t have the food in the cupboard or if you have to go
to the supermarket everyday because you don’t know what you are going
to eat… there’s nothing like the pull of the chocolate isle!!

Healthy eating and healthy weight come about from good planning. One
of the best pieces of advice I could give you is to know what your next
meal or snack is going to be. This ensures that you are eating regularly,
so not getting over hungry, and that you have the food close to hand
so that you can prepare and eat it without getting distracted by quicker
take away alternatives.

All enquiries, Lisa 0413 956 107
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