Family health solutions…

Whether you are concerned about weight or not there is no doubt that the
family has a huge impact on the eating habits of the child and this in turn
has great impact on adult health.

We know that if a child is overweight or obese then the likelihood that this
translates through to adulthood is high. The key is to prevent this from
happening in the first place!

  • Would you like to know how to prevent your kids from becoming fat?
  • How to make sure they don’t pick up some of your bad food and
    eating habits?

For over 13 years, Lisa Renn, a Ringwood based Nutritionist, has been
assisting people to create healthy lifestyles and to lose weight.

Best advice to parents to ensure healthy kids…

Remember that the parent is the role model… whatever you do your kids
will copy. This means that if you skip breakfast, they will eventually do
this as well. If you are looking critically at your body and trying fad diets
then they will learn that this is what adults do… even if you don’t want
them to copy you, they inevitably will.

As the parent it is up to you to change how you use food and how active
you are. Once you are demonstrating a healthy lifestyle then your kids will
follow you.

Dietitians at Body Warfare Nutrition can assess your food choices,
attitudes and behaviours and recommend ways to help you change how
you use food. These positive changes will not only create a new healthier
you but will be a great example to your children.

Overweight children…

If you don’t have a weight issue but your child does it is vital that any
changes you make to the diet are done for the whole family not just the
child in concern. Nothing alienates a person, particularly a child, quicker
that being singled out as having a weight issue- particularly if no one else
in the family does.

A whole family approach is the key to healthy weight in a child.

If you are concerned by your family’s health and want to make some
positive changes before there are significant health or social concerns then
come and talk to an accredited nutritionist, at Body Warfare Nutrition in

Call 1300 725 806 to make an appointment and start your family
on the right track to good health.

All enquiries, Lisa 0413 956 107 Appointments 1300 725 806

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