‘Make it Happen’
email package

  • If you have been experiencing less
    than you had hoped for
  • If your current results do not
    supply the lifestyle you deserve.

Then I encourage you to embrace
this opportunity by choosing to
follow up with our ‘Make it Happen
email package.

Weight Control and…

Get all three vital factors
to weight control and diet freedom
in the one package.

    Ensure you have:

  • A sound knowledge of nutrition
    from a nutrition professional
  • Accountability by committing to a program
    and being answerable for your achievements
  • A guaranteed motivation boost from Lisa’s proven counselling skills.

This all adds up to make sure you Get it Right and keep it right


Thank you for your support Lisa, it has really eased my mind about what balance
really is when it comes to healthy eating. I have been living with guilt and stress
about my food choices which has led to over eating at times when that was the
last thing I wanted to do. Using you as a coach, via your email program, has
given me confidence in my ability to make the right food choices and created a
freedom where previously there was none – I’ve found these emails to be
”                                                            Holly Barrow, Narre Warren
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