Eating Plan

Why choose us?

With over 15 years experience as a dietitian, Body Warfare Nutrition’s
principal dietitian Lisa Renn, has developed the skills for motivating people
to make healthy changes. We use health coaching principles to help you
make changes in areas that are important to you and that consider your
own unique circumstances. You will be listened to in a non-judgemental
and supportive environment.

Eating Plan

The perfect plan for you…

Using our health coaching skills, we will assist you to create a plan of
action that is exactly matched to your readiness to change and your
confidence level. Our guarantee is that you will leave your first
appointment happy that the plan we have created together is right for

What’s involved?

The initial assessment will take 60 minutes and will be a one-on-one with
your dietitian. A detailed history will be documented and a plan for action
will be devised. You will have a number of options for treatment presented
to you at the first consultation and this will determine your follow up. We
will explain each option and help you decide which plan will be best for
you. Individual review appointments will take 20 to 30 minutes.

Food and drink intake record…

You will be asked to keep a record of your eating and drinking for a three day period, making sure one of the days is on a weekend. This means recording what you ate and drank including quantities where possible.
Download a copy of the three day eating and drinking record form to make this an easy task.

Health insurance claims…

Those people with private health insurance can also claim benefits, if they
have extras cover. HICAPS on site ensures on the spot fast claims.

All enquiries, Lisa 0413 956 107
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