What’s the price you pay for “junk” foods on special?

December 3, 2012 BY: LISA

What’s the price you pay for low prices?

I was speaking with a group today and one lady was saying how she had bought ice cream and chocolate in bulk because it was on special.

We were talking about non-hungry and emotional eating at the time so it prompted me to ask “What is the price you pay for low prices?” Because what this means is every time this lady is stressed or unhappy she has an unlimited supply of the foods that tempt her the most.

What we also know is the more you have the more you eat. This has come through in studies carried out by Brian Wansink, in his book “Mindless Eating” he concludes that no matter what the food, the more you have or the bigger the packet the more you will eat.

So buying in bulk only ensures that you will eat more. I f you consider that you only have to eat 3 jelly beans extra each day to put on weight each year it doesn’t take much to work out that if you buy a lot of chocolate you will eat a lot of chocolate and this in turn will add to your weight.

Another unhelpful thought that often goes along with having large amounts of food around, be it left overs or chocolates or whatever, is: “I’ll eat it all now so it won’t be playing on my mind and tempting me- as it will be gone.”

So if your tendency is to think you will just eat the food to get rid of it, and/or you also eat when you are emotional, having access to your “food weaknesses” in large quantities is surely a recipe for disaster whether you are trying to lose weight or not.

The solution:
As always the key to helping you resist these bargains is to have a plan before you even go shopping outlining how you will come out of the shopping trip without a tonne of low priced extras.

My advice:
Set a goal that may look like this: This week when shopping I will avoid the biscuit / chocolate isle OR I will buy one small packet/ block/ only, no matter what the deal.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter if you pay a bit because you will have eaten far less by not having the extra packet in the house. How much would you pay for peace of mind? or your health?

Next time you are cruising the supermarket aisles and you see chocolate or your favourite biscuits on special- the best buy 3 and save$$ – ask yourself “What price will you pay for this great deal?”

Good Luck!
Lisa (APD)


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