What Should you Teach your Child about Eating?

August 26, 2014 BY: LISA


I was reading an article yesterday on Michael Carr-Greggs’ opinion on modern day parenting and must say I didn’t wholly disagree with his hard line as I thought of my own spoilt children!
He was talking about the idea that we don’t say ‘No’ to our kids anymore and/or we don’t allow them to make mistakes or take risks – basically that we are not really doing our kids any favours by doing this. Have a read of the article here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-08-23/crap-australian-parents-raising-a-generation-of-spoilt-brats/5691638
What this did bring up for me was the idea of teaching kids to eat. I firmly believe that kids need to be taught how, when and what to eat and the parent makes that decision- the child decides how much they will eat.


Sometimes and everyday foods:

My kids often say they are not too happy about the fact that I’m a dietitian because I don’t put a ‘treat’ in their lunch box everyday.


My daughter say “So and so has chocolate in their lunch box everyday” I replied ‘It’s not a treat then, it’s just something that happens every day.”


I remember back to when I was a kid, soft drink was for parties, we had home baked biscuits or slices and take away was not very often. Dad would buy a packet of violet crumble squares or a block of chocolate occasionally on a Sunday night and we would have some, but not all of it.


Sometimes means not everyday which means again we need to learn to say ‘No’ to our kids and provide something that they like to eat which isn’t from the extras category.
Since 1980 the level of overweight and obesity in our kids has increased dramatically we now have one in four kids overweight or obese. (http://www.aihw.gov.au/overweight-and-obesity/ )
A 2012 report on what we are eating in Australia concluded:
• 90% of adults are not eating enough vegetables and
• 50% of adults are not eating enough fruit


Only 6% of us are eating the recommended intake of fruit and veggies.


“What this adds up to is that adults are not
eating fruit and vegetables so neither are
the kids.”


I think it’s a bit sad when an older adolescent or adult comes to see me and they say they don’t eat vegetables
Me: “How long is it since you ate a vegetable?”
Client: “Ages ago, I can’t really remember”
Me: “Then how do you know you don’t like them?”


“Kids have to be given vegetables in order to get used to them”

My daughter lives in hope that I will stop putting mushrooms into the evening meals. I live with the knowledge that one day she will get sick of pulling them out and just eat them; or she may start cooking some of the meals herself…either way a win win!


Tips for Creating Healthy Eaters

1. Make sometimes or extra foods things that don’t happen every day

2. Provide a couple of healthy choices but not a smorgasbord for snacks!

3. Don’t give your kids free range of the pantry

4. Don’t prepare a separate meal for kids- make one meal for everyone

5. Do put vegetables on the plate everyday even if they don’t like them.

6. Role Model eating vegetables.

7. Don’t allow your child/adolescent to over eat at afternoon tea – they need to be hungry for dinner where they will eat a healthy meal.

8. Eat with you family at the table whenever it’s possible


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