What have you learnt?

January 31, 2020 BY: LISA

I was speaking to a group of people this week who were all interested in weight loss. I had presented my Food Freedom Framework, which helps people to understand why banning foods and dieting doesn’t work and why it actually leads to weight gain in the long term.

I had taken them through a process of decision making in order to assist them to have control over the foods that usually have control over them – in this way any changes they make will have a better chance of being sustainable, rather than a flash in the pan diet …again.

But, like a lot of new things you hear, I really didn’t want them to try this new plan once or twice and then forget about it when they heard about the next,  latest, greatest fad diet. But, how to help people keep an actual helpful plan on their agenda and not forget about it, like we all tend to do?

Doing more of something that works leads to success.

The problem with diets, is that you are so busy rebelling or trying to restrict food and exercise self-control, that when you stuff up, you forget the most important part of trying to create new healthy habits. Instead you  concentrate on  making excuses or trying to justify your decision to eat foods you are trying to ban.  

What is the most important part of creating a ‘diet plan’ that works in the long term? 


In order to progress in your weight loss journey, you need to learn about yourself, learn about your ‘danger’ times, learn when you make good decisions and learn when your self-control will be tested.

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The problem with diets is that you are too stuck in irrational thinking, denial and justification to actually reflect and learn from your recent experience, which means it’s highly likely that you will make the same mistakes over and again.

The question I encouraged the members of this group to ask themselves and report back was….’What did you learn about yourself last week?’

Simple as that.

This question allows you to :

  • Self-reflect
  • Increase mindfulness
  • Do more of what was helpful
  • Do less of what isn’t working
  • Progress

What did you learn about yourself this week?


Lisa APD


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