What foods do you love, but have to avoid?

December 29, 2017 BY: LISA

Negotiable Vs Non –Negotiable


The trouble with diets is that they don’t consider the foods you love or even like, they don’t consider social situations or celebrations. And yet, we expect them to work, and perhaps they do, in the short term, however, then the weight comes back on.

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This is why research states that dieting is a predictor of future weight gain. Once you start dieting you learn how to make wonderful excuses, justifications and elaborate self-sabotage techniques however you don’t learn how to keep your weight off…so it goes back on.


Instead of trying to ban the things you like, how about making a list of foods that are negotiable or non-negotiable? That is, sort them into things you can live without and those you can’t live without. Start as you mean to go on – because if you give up chocolate and wine to lose weight, you will. However, in order to maintain your weight loss, you will need to keep up living without wine or chocolate or anything else you have avoided. Because if it comes back in, your weight will come back on.


The alternative solution?

Create the list, if not on paper, then in your head of the foods that you could easily live without, and the foods you can’t.

For me this might look like:

Negotiable – soft drink, sweet biscuits

Non-negotiable – champagne, cheese


This doesn’t mean that I am never allowed to have biscuits or soft drink, just that it wouldn’t bother me that much going without. However, don’t take away my champs and cheese! Could I have less if I wanted to lose weight? Yes, but I’m not prepared to give it up completely, as for me that would be unrealistic.

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Now you have your list of foods – check the foods you could happily avoid or reduce a lot and make plans/goals to do so. For those ‘non-negotiables’, it’s about quantity and frequency. If you start some new habits around reducing the quantity you normally have this will make some reductions in calories but still allow you to have the things you enjoy. Win Win…and that is the beginning of starting some new habits and learning how to sustain healthy changes.


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