What about the fasting diets?

December 29, 2017 BY: LISA

What do I think about fasting? Does being hungry help?

My boxing trainer asked me last week what I thought of fasting.

I think it really is the only ‘diet’ that has a chance of teaching you something. However, its’ still a diet so, only follow it while, or as long as it’s teaching you something.


Fasting allows you to get back in touch with hunger. People who diet tend to avoid being hungry as they are trying not to eat and I feel this damages your eating intuition and ultimately lowers your metabolism which helps only to maintain your overweight status.

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Feeling hunger is useful as it gives you information about your portion size and your food choices. If you have eaten too much for a meal you will not be hungry for the next snack, if you have under eaten or eaten inappropriate foods you will be hungry too soon and end up grazing which I also consider an unhelpful behaviour for weight loss. So, if you want to try fasting and can start feeling hungry again I think that’s helpful.


I encourage people to use hunger as feedback about the meal before. The aim is to feel hungry for meals and between meal snacks (morning and afternoon tea, not supper). If you are not hungry then it’s likely that you have over eaten on the meal or snack before. If you are starving then you may not have eaten enough or the food you chose to eat did not satisfy your hunger for long enough.

The other thing about fasting is the practise of delaying gratification. Studies have shown that children who can delay gratification are healthier and happier as adults so it’s definitely a useful skill to learn. This was the part my trainer liked best that he felt empowered by denying himself what he was wanting. There is an ascetic (monk-like) quality to every diet, which I think is what makes them unsustainable however if you are doing something like a 5:2 or alternate fasting the ‘deprivation’ is not constant. If fasting teaches you to delay gratification that is helpful. If fasting teaches you to over eat on your non-fasting days or teaches you new ways of self-sabotage then it’s definitely not helpful for you!


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