Weight loss without sacrifice?

December 11, 2011 BY: LISA

Sacrifice, its one word people hate when it comes to dieting and food.

Do you have to sacrifice the foods you love in order to lose weight? Yes and No.

I am a firm believer in the need to eat the “forbidden”foods you love sometimes in order to make a weight loss plan sustainable,  but if you sacrifice nothing and give in to your cravings every time, you won’t lose weight.

When you think of some great achievement(s) you have made in
your life, things you are really proud of…did you have to make any sacrifices
to achieve them? The answer will be yes, as any long term effort really worth
being proud of will have involved some sacrifices.

Some sacrifices are worthwhile.

Sacrifice is part of sustainable weight loss and it’s not just about sacrificing some of your food cravings when you are losing weight,it’s about continuing to prioritise your weight and health in order to maintain your new weight, so the sacrifices continue!

Sacrifice is all about how you view it. Instead of thinking of suffering and deprivation, think about all the great things about losing and then maintaining your weight. Then the decisions you make will empower you rather than deprive you.

Is it a sacrifice or is it an achievement worthy of being proud of? That’s up to you…


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