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April 13, 2012 BY: LISA

It’s the 60 million dollar question, “How do I get more motivation?”

As a Dietitian I am often told that people can stick to a new diet for about 2 weeks before it falls apart…their motivation runs out.


While support people are very important to weight loss and healthy eating/exercise success it’s really you that has to make the right decisions and be able to keep your efforts going.


Call on your values!


What do you believe is important? What are the rules you live your life by? If someone were to describe you what do you hope they would say?

Answering these questions will give you some insight into what you value in life. When you act in line with your values everything
becomes clear and the right decisions are easier to make.


I had a personal example of something I wanted to change but was just getting stuck in the same old behaviour patterns- that was yelling at my kids when I would have much preferred the calm and loving mother approach! Even though I wanted to change, every time I got into a heated situation with my kids I would use my old fall back method and YELL! Then I had a conversation with someone about values and why yelling at my kids was going against what I really feel strongly about – that is I value family, also I take my responsibility to bring up my kids as best I can seriously and I was not modelling great behaviour.


It’s interesting because since this conversation I haven’t really yelled at the kids. I spoke to them about  my intention to change my behaviour and because I had been reminded as to why I wanted to change and had a chance to think about my values the new behaviour followed – I don’t imagine that I’m cured yet but I’m stepping in the right direction!


What do you value?


Is it important that you be the best you can be? Is it important to enjoy life to the maximum? Do you want be healthy in retirement?
Do you value being organised? Is being in control of your life something you feel is important? Are you being the partner/parent/employee/business owner that you want to be?


How are your current actions re your food intake and exercise levels working with your values?


How could you use your values to help change your existing behaviour and motivate you to move in a direction that you are proud of?


Lisa Renn

Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)



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