Tips for Managing your Weight over the Festive Season

November 21, 2010 BY: LISA

Often people are nervous about the Christmas period with all its social functions and holidays, particularly if they have been losing weight in the lead up to December. Fear not, there are ways to manage the festive season and come out the other end feeling great, looking great and still enjoying all the good things about Christmas.

Here are five tips to a successfully managing summer:

Tip # 1: Plan, plan and plan. Before you go to a social function think about what you would like to eat, and in what quantity, before you even get there. If you know Aunty Flo makes the best fruit mince tarts then plan to have one but pass on the short bread. It is more realistic to plan to have some of your favourite food than try to resist everything.

Remind yourself about your plan and what you are trying to achieve. Talking to yourself is not crazy it’s highly recommended!

Tip # 2: Manage your alcohol intake. Alcohol is a big contributor to calories in any form, so plan how you  will decrease the amount you drink over the festive season. For example mix drinks with soda water, or alternate one alcoholic drink with a glass of water, plan to be the designated driver.

Tip # 3: Don’t go to these functions starving hungry. You know that your resistance and decision making skills are decreased when you are hungry so have a light snack before you go so you have a better chance of putting your plan into action.

Tip # 4: Keep some exercise going –  try and get some walking in rather than letting your fitness drop off. Be realistic about your expectations, you are on holiday, so set yourself a maintenance program.

Tip# 5: Reassess your goals. If you feel that it is not realistic to lose weight over this period then aim to keep your weight the same so that you don’t undo all your good work and you are not setting unrealistic expectations for yourself. Unrealistic expectations are the perfect excuse for a “bust out”.


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