Somebody Loves You…

January 18, 2018 BY: LISA

On Valentine’s Day, if you are feeling down, remember somebody loves you …



I was going to share an article today on soluble fibre but I’ll save that for next week! I think on Valentine’s Day it’s worth thinking about what you have got, rather than what you haven’t.


On Valentine’s Day, I’m asking you to remember that somebody loves you- it may not be what you were hoping for but your friends and family think you are pretty amazing- if they don’t, they must be crazy.


I spent 7 years single so I know that Valentine’s Day can be challenging, if you actually want to be in a relationship. Many people, when they are feeling a bit down, can turn to food for comfort. However, if you are also trying to get healthier or lose weight, turning to food can make you feel worse, rather than better.

Comforting yourself today with excess foods or foods you are trying to limit will not make up for a lack of partner, or a disappointing one, it will only make you feel guilty. The challenge is to think of something you can do that you will enjoy and make you feel good, not guilty.


Not only on Valentine’s Day, but every day, do something nice for yourself. When you start looking after yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially this will empower you and give you the internal strength you need to cope with whatever comes your way.

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