Smart Supermarket Shopping- tips for cutting costs and calories

July 11, 2014 BY: LISA

If you find yourself struggling to lose weight and a trip to the supermarket is a battle of self control try these simple tips to create a healthier shopping trolley, achieve weight loss and save money.


Plan it:

The best way to save money, save calories and save time is to plan your meals before you go to the shops. Make sure you includewholegrain breads and cereals, fruits, vegetables, nuts, reduced-fat dairy and lean protein. Map out what you will eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and you will never be caught short during the week.


Tip: Doing the food shopping once per week means you save time and you will also spend less as there will be less impulse buying.


Write it down:

Wandering aimlessly around the aisles of the supermarket hoping for inspiration is a guarantee of a whole lot of “extra” foods in the trolley. Once you have planned your meals for the week write down what you will need to buy to make it all happen. Commit to only shopping from the list and you will find a whole lot less junk in the trolley when you get to the registers. Cheaper, healthier and quicker!


Don’t shop when you are hungry:

If you shop when you are hungry you will be more tempted to put those foods in the trolley that you are trying hard to avoid. Make your life easier and decrease reliance on your will power by making sure you shop after you have had something to eat, not on a grumbly tum which only has eyes for  chocolate, or chips or biscuits or…


If you use the supermarket shop mostly around the edges of the store:

Have you noticed the fresh food is around the edges of the supermarket? Aim to fill most of your trolley with the fresh produce around the edges. No doubt you will have to go down the aisles but if you can avoid some of them altogether this will help you to cut down on the higher calorie and more highly processed foods in the middle of the store.


Sneaky supermarkets:

Some supermarkets are placing the chocolates in the same aisle as the cereals. They have clearly caught wind of the idea that people were trying to avoid the chocolate isle and have made it even harder to miss.


Tip: Before entering the isle check your shopping list for the products you do need and remind yourself that is all you are looking for.


Set resolve in the car park:

Do you struggle with impulse buying and are a sucker for the specials- you find your trolley packed with foods you didn’t want to buy each time you come home from the food shopping?

Try this: Before you get out of the car set your resolve. Remind yourself that you have your shopping list and that you can skip a few of the more tempting isles and that you want to leave the shops with a trolley you are proud of!


Good Luck in the supermarket – it’s a jungle out there, but the better prepared you are the more control you will have.

Lisa APD


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