Screen Time Vs Green Time

April 8, 2015 BY: LISA


I was taking my son to the eye specialist this week to check his glasses prescription and the clinician doing the test was talking about the concept of Screen Time Versus Green Time.



What research has shown eye specialists compliments what a dietitian would also understand to be true.


In order to maintain optimal eye health you need to match your screen time with your green time. She explained that it was once thought that simply time away from the screen would be appropriate but it is now understood that you need to get outside.

Green time means time out of artificial light and in the great outdoors. The benefits seen were particularly true for short sightedness. (Myopia)




Picography / Pixabay


If you were only concerned about breaking up sedentary activity in your day it is enough to be standing rather than sitting, even if it is indoors. However if we also consider that many people are low in vitamin D, there is now good reason to try and increase the time you spend outside, preferably standing or moving. Make sure you slap on a hat to be sun smart and you are achieving a number of health goals all in one simple manoeuvre.


So the message is quite simple – if you can use some of your standing time in the day outside and not just at your desk this is going to benefit your eye health, your vitamin D levels as well and your daily energy expenditure and your health/weight favourably.

JayMantri / Pixabay

So what is your screen time – green time balance like?

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