On the sixth day of Christmas my Dietitian said to me…

December 6, 2013 BY: LISA

On the sixth day of Christmas my dieititian said to me…


Keep your Focus


When you set up new plans and expectations it can sometimes be really easy to forget them and go back to your usual habits or to fall into the trap of listening to “the devil” on your shoulder.


For example: you may have set a goal for decreasing your alcohol intake at a recent function but it didn’t happen…you just went back to old habits.


Or you may have tried to increase exercise and got stuck in your unhelpful self- talk- “It’s too hot”. “I’m too tired”, “I been working hard, I need a break.”


If this has happened then you fall into the category of “normal”- don’t stress just refocus.


It is possible to change your habits but you have to make a bit of extra effort to overcome you old impulses. A powerful tool that can help you stick with your plans is to clarify why you want to change in the first place.


Changing food, drinking and exercise habits can often be difficult because food and drinks are something you probably enjoy and exercise is something you don’t enjoy (or you may enjoy, but like the couch more!) So you have to be very clear on why you want to decrease or stop doing something you like- are you crazy? Or do you just like to punish yourself? Or do you have a good reason to get healthy/lose weight??



Answering these questions will help to clarify and refocus:


  • Why am I trying to change?
  • What do I want do with my new weight/health status?
  • What can I say to myself when I’m trying to change the plan and go back to the old habits?


I had a client the other day share with me something that was working really well for her. Every time she felt like slipping back into her old habits she would say to herself “size 20”- this was her message to herself that she did not want to get to a size 20 and it worked.


Each time she said this to herself she found it a lot easier to make the healthier choices and decisions which were part of her plan. Your message could be about something you are trying to avoid- like this example- or it could be something you want to achieve, like travel or fitting into clothes etc.


Don’t give up if your plan doesn’t work the first time just keep reminding yourself of why you want to make the changes and try again.


Good luck!


Lisa APD


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