On the Seventh day of Christmas my Dietitian said to me…

December 7, 2013 BY: LISA

Remember to have fun!


A lot of people get nervous when they are trying to manage their weight or health and this is made worse when you have a lot of functions to attend around Christmas and the New Year as well as annual leave which also represents a break in your well-established routine.


Remember that health and sustainable weight loss is about changes that you make in the long term. It’s about changing habits and creating a new way of doing things. This will mean that each year Christmas will come, as will Easter and your birthday and you need to be able to manage these events without too much stress and to make sure you have plenty of enjoyment!


Can you imagine doing something for the rest of your life that meant that you couldn’t enjoy yourself or your favourite foods? I can’t, and that’s not what healthy eating and sustainable weight loss means you have to do.


What you need to establish is a regular routine that works well to maintain your weight or create weight loss – this becomes your routine for the majority of the time- when social events space themselves out a bit more! Then when you hit a time of lots of parties stick to your routine when you can and plan how you will manage the parties- just like I was saying in the first day of Christmas email.


The most important thing is to make sure you are allowing yourself to eat some of your favourite foods or else you’ll feel too deprived and the idea of keeping the plan going in the long term becomes painful and unmanageable.


So choose your favourites carefully and make sure you savour the moment. Chocolate and other favourites can absolutely be part of a healthy diet to maintain or lose weight- it’s all about how much and how often. If you try to make it never, it’s really not sustainable in the long term.


Here are some more really cute ideas for Christmas


Christmas Santas



Most recipes are using whipped cream but I have also seen ones that use a cream cheese/sugar type filling- the eyes are poppy seeds or others use chocolate. Really easy, tasty and cute!




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