On the Ninth day of Christmas my Dietitian said to me…

December 9, 2013 BY: LISA

Have realistic expectations for you holidays


If you are going away over the summer it’s important that you set yourself realistic goals and New Year’s Resolutions. People give up on making these resolutions because they have failed so many times before – a massive sweeping resolution is often too hard to achieve as it’s too big to even contemplate starting or you hadn’t thought about how it was going to happen- destined to fail.


How many times have you said in the past that you will walk every day on your holidays or that you won’t indulge in the 5 o’clock drinks and nibbles sessions , or that you were never going to eat chocolate again – only to be disappointed when you can’t stick to your goal?


Making smaller more realistic goals is a better way of making sure they happen.


Do you gain weight?

If your summer holidays are a time where you can tend to put on weight then the best goal to set is to maintain your weight over the holiday. Then instead of feeling that you have to be perfect and setting unrealistic expectations for yourself you just make a couple of adjustments to the way you would normally do things.


For example:

  • Have a glass of water in between other higher calorie drinks
  • Try to eat regular healthy meals and snacks so that when you do over-indulge it doesn’t have as much of an effect on your weight.
  • Aim to exercise as often as is realistic. Don’t aim for everyday if that just doesn’t happen- make it every second day.

 It‘s a much nicer feeling to achieve a realistic goal than to be disappointed about not achieving a perfect sounding goal.



Do you lose weight?

If your summer holidays are a time when you are really healthy and tend to lose weight then use them as a time to start some really healthy habits.


If you walk everyday on your holidays but never exercise at home regularly, start thinking on the holidays how you will keep this going when you get home? Don’t just give in and say “Oh well it happens every year- I won’t do it at home” Make a plan and set priorities to make sure that it can.


It might mean that you are walking a little less at home when compared to your holiday but at least you are exercising sometimes instead of not at all- that’s something to build on.


Good luck and Enjoy your holidays!

Lisa APD


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