On the first day of Christmas my Dietitian said to me…

December 1, 2013 BY: LISA

One the first day of Christmas my Dietitian said to me…


Plan events and manage your weight this festive season!


Are you starting to quiver and get nervous that all your good efforts to eat healthy and lose or maintain your weight throughout the year are about cop a beating under the barrage of rumballs, shortbread and drinks that abounds in the festive season?

Fear not! All you need is a well thought out plan to see you safely through to the other side with your weight goals intact.


5 Easy Steps to Success:


1. Know your enemy: make sure you know what foods and drinks will be on offer at each function- this way you will know how best to prepare and plan.

a. If it’s a cocktail party you can expect lots of fried starters so the idea is to not go in hungry. Have a small snack before you go- like a glass of milk, tub of yoghurt or a handful of nuts. If you are not starving hungry then you will be more in control.

b. If it’s a 3 course sit down function– do you need all 3 courses? Could you make do with 2? If you are going to eat all three courses then choose wisely and leave some room for dessert. Don’t stuff yourself full at the main course and then eat dessert.

c. Afternoon tea function: Again, don’t go in starving hungry and aim to choose the foods you like.


2. Plan your attack: Once you know what type of function it will be make a plan of how much food you feel would be reasonable to eat. That is, when you leave the function to go home what amount of food will you have eaten to enable you to say” Yes, I enjoyed the food but I controlled myself well. I feel good about the choices I made- I didn’t make a pig of myself”


a. Example: afternoon tea-“I will choose my 2 or 3 favourite things and have them only. I will have a lunch before the function so I am not starving hungry and I’ll have a lighter evening meal given I am eating higher calorie food in the afternoon than usual.”

3. The Key: Do not expect that you will be happy to miss out on all your favourite Christmas foods. It’s really important that you allow yourself the things you like but set how much or how many you will have. You don’t have to have super human will power just a plan! If you expect that you will behave yourself without a plan…think again …has it ever worked that smoothly in the past?


4. Don’t forget the drinks: When planning your food you also need to plan what you will have to drink Alcohol, soft drink and fruit juices all contain calories so as well as planning the food have a think about how many drinks you will have and stick to it.


5. Hold yourself to a different outcome– In past years if you have expected to gain weight over the Christmas period I bet you did. This year try saying to yourself –“I am going to maintain my weight this Christmas period” Unless you hate all things Christmas or you don’t have many functions it’s better to aim for weight maintenance than to work toward weight loss over Christmas.



Lisa APD


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