On the Eight day of Christmas my Dietitian said to me…

December 8, 2013 BY: LISA

Put it out there & Be Accountable


The more people you tell your plans the more likely you will be to make them happen.


Although it seems a bit irrational that we could want to be healthy or lose weight and yet not be able to get ourselves to carry out the plans we want to or worse that we would even sabotage our own efforts – if this is you, don’t stress, it’s actually so common it’s normal.


So many times people have told me they eat more when they are on their own or they eat a chocolate bar quickly in the car and that way no one will know they have eaten it. When you look at it rationally you know it doesn’t make sense, but at the time it works really well as the perfect reasoning; it’s the “devil” talking again and we keep listening!”


So if you have plans to exercise or plans to drink less at a certain function then put it out there. Tell your friends or family or partner so that your plan is more likely to succeed, because, now someone else knows it’s more likely you will make it happen.


On the flip side, if you don’t carry out your plan you not only have to deal with your own potential guilt and frustration but also the possible embarrassment of telling the other person that you didn’t make it happen. Not so nice and actually quite motivating to try and avoid this eventuality!


The good thing about this idea is that when you succeed you get to share your success with someone else and instead of feeling embarrassed and guilty you can feel empowered and proud.




So, put your plans out there and make them happen.


Good luck!


Lisa APD


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