New report suggests some vegetables put on weight more than others

September 28, 2015 BY: LISA

Some veggies better than others…


A recent report from Harvard University reported in the Sydney Morning Herald found that eating extra servings of potatoes, peas and corn each day may add to weight gain while eating blueberries and pears may aid weight loss.

What this research shows us is that the higher kilojoule vegetables, if taken in larger amounts, can influence our weight. This does make perfect sense- as more of the higher calorie foods generally do lead to weight gain. The other thing about these foods is they are often eaten with added butter or other oils which further increases the energy contained in these foods. Not many people eat potatoes on their own without any butter or margarine.



In the Australian dietary guidelines it suggests that potato eaten as hot chips or crisps are considered discretionary foods, that is, “sometimes” foods and encourages the higher energy vegetables like potatoes, sweet potato, corn and peas are eaten in smaller quantities.

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Australians do not eat enough vegetables; our most recent report suggests that only 1 in 20 people eat enough vegetables and half of us eat enough fruit. The research overwhelmingly shows that those who eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables each day have fewer issues with weight gain in the long term.


The Overall Message:


Aim for two pieces of fruit and five different vegetables each day.

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If you only tend to eat potato, peas and corn it will be a great idea to branch out and aim for a wider variety of vegetables such as beans, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower and other green leafy vegetables as these were among those helpful for weight loss over the study period.



Don’t let this research put you off potato, corn and peas as the amount of weight gain was around 0.5kg over 4 years and spoke about the problem of having extra serves of potato, peas and corn. The weight gain would be far greater if you were eating extra biscuits, cakes, pies or alcohol over this time.



However it would be wise to have a smaller amount of potato, peas and corn and bump up your plate with other colourful vegetables instead of ignoring this report altogether!


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