Keep it Simple and make yourself Accountable- a call to action.

September 3, 2013 BY: LISA

I recently did a quick survey on Facebook and found what I knew to be true that a lot of people are losing precious time in their day worrying about their health or body image and I think a lot of this distraction is about guilt and frustration about what you aren’t doing that you really feel you should or want to be doing.

The answer, although simple, often gets complicated by our need for perfection. You believe that if you are going to do something about your weight or health then it has to be the complete solution implemented perfectly every time or it’s not worth starting. Right?

But what if you started one small thing today that was a step in the right direction? How would that feel?

My thoughts are that you would start to feel more empowered by the fact that you were doing something rather than just thinking about doing everything.

Call to action:

Get accountable and put yourself out there.

Under this Facebook post (or go to Body Warfare on Facebook) put down one thing that you will do in the next week.

For example:

  •          I will go for one 20 minute walk
  •          I will not eat after dinner on one day this week
  •          I will have 2 alcohol free days this week
  •          I will take 3 out of 5 work lunches from home

This is not about weight- it’s about health and what you are going to do about it.

I guarantee a lighter conscience, more motivation and most importantly less guilt.

Get involved- post your goal for the week.


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