If you are justifying your actions it’s likely that you made an unhelpful decision!

December 29, 2017 BY: LISA

Decisions versus justifications


A decision results after careful consideration of the pros and cons of an action.

A justification occurs when you are going against what you really feel you should be doing. Justifications happen when you are ‘breaking your rules’ instead of making a considered decision.


Are you making decisions or justifying your actions?


If you hear yourself saying: “I’m too tired, I need this for energy” or “I haven’t been able to exercise this fortnight as it’s been too hot/cold/wet’ or “I’ve had a hard week, I deserve this”. These are justifications- and while they may be mostly true they lack any consideration for why you would want to say ‘No’ to eating that extra food or why you would find a way to exercise despite the weather. Justifications are just a way of keeping you right where you are and stem from your habit of setting and breaking rules.

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If there are no rules, just decisions, then you don’t need to justify your actions. If you choose to say ‘Yes’ to eating an extra food- you do it without feeling guilty. You are allowed some ‘extra’ foods it’s just how often or how much you need to keep in mind.


When you are aiming for perfect- which is never eating any extra foods- then you are setting yourself up for constant failure. This gets draining and de-motivating very quickly, it also undermines your trust in yourself. Have you ever said ‘I just can’t have chocolate because I don’t trust myself, I just eat the whole thing’?

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If that’s you and you’d like to do something different try this:

  1. Decide when you last ate any extra foods. If it was three hours ago you may choose to say ‘No’ if it was three days ago then you might say ‘yes’.
  2. Set what you think is a reasonable portion of ‘extra’ food. For example, it could be 2 squares or one row of chocolate…whatever you feel is reasonable. The definition of reasonable is the amount YOU feel happy eating AND knowing that it’s moving toward your goal. The amount that if you eat it you would still feel in control.
  3. If you decide that enjoying this food now fits into your goal and what you have been doing in recent days then: Eat slowly and enjoy without guilt!


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