I love it therefore I have no control over how I eat it.

March 25, 2014 BY: LISA

I enjoy the taste therefore I will have more…

I have an addictive personality; this is behaviour I expect from myself…


These are all statements I hear from people all the time. The end result is that you are often really disheartened as these types of beliefs rarely get good results- moreover what they do provide is an excuse as to why you shouldn’t bother trying to stop over eating.


The main reason people have these thoughts is because they are coming from a diet mentality where all the higher calorie foods they like are banned. When you believe, that in order to be successful, you have to never eat anything “bad” you create an unrealistic situation – one that’s impossible to stick to. If someone else told you to that you had to stand by and watch your child cry and you were not to go to their aid or comfort them – what would you do? How would you feel? I guess a lot of people reading this may understand how heart breaking, frustrating and totally unrealistic this sounds. So how is banning your favourite foods any different- if you continue to do it you will continue to “break your own rules” and continue to be frustrated by the outcome.


The other side of the coin is one of instant gratification. I’ve written about this in the past however I think it needs to be said again. If I can create an analogy here, again about kids. We teach our children that they need to wait for things in order to appreciate them more or to only take one thing off an offered plate at a time and yet we do the exact opposite and overeat and have more than one because we can or because it tastes good despite it being something that will cause us guilt later on.


We are getting so used to having things immediately the art of waiting for something is dying- we want it now and are dissatisfied if we don’t get it. I was explaining to my daughter recently that life  wasn’t just about getting everything when you want it .In fact, waiting and saving for something makes it all the more precious. Her reply was “I have, I’ve waited two days” (I give up!J)What is precious these days?


Think back to what is important to you. What is an achievement that you are proud of? These are the things that have happened over a longer period of time, they have taken effort and sacrifice – I bet it wasn’t something that was given to you without any effort or sacrifice on your behalf and yet we continue to hope that weight loss is going to be quick and easy and require no effort, planning or change.


The problem with instant gratification is that if it directly goes against what you hope to achieve, its one step forward and two steps back. You want to lose weight and get healthier and yet you keep giving in to your desire to eat the entire block of chocolate or packet or biscuits because you like the taste and feel like more. The more you give in to your thoughts, dare I say excuses, the further away you move from your goal.


In my book, I’ve said these unhelpful thoughts just act to cement you in your current place. If you want to move forward there are a couple of important things to think about:

  1. Plan when and how much you will eat of your “forbidden” foods. If you love ice cream and feel that once ice cream cone per week would be really nice, then set the time and place and enjoy it.
  2. Remind yourself what kind of person you really are. When you give in to these thoughts, like “It tastes good, so I’m having more” you are buying into the thought that you have no will power or self- control. I ask my clients to think about how they would feel if a close friend described you as having no self-control, not just about diet, but about all things in life? Is that really you? Because you either have self-control or you don’t – you choose when you want to use it or not. When you say you have an addictive personality you are choosing not to use your self-control, yet when you hold your tongue instead of telling someone what you really think- you are using your self-control. It becomes your choice, and if the food is not banned and you have a plan for when you will eat it- it’s much easier to stick to and make the right choice.


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