How’s your mindset in winter?

May 19, 2017 BY: LISA

I became an annoying dietitian this past week and had to pipe up in the lunch room when I heard one of my colleagues saying. “I won’t eat salad in winter as it just isn’t enough food.’ The reason I had to speak up was that I know she wants to lose weight and that winter is a trickier time, not only because it gets colder and you need a lot of motivation to get out and exercise, but also because winter brings with it some unhelpful thinking.

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Have you ever said, ’Everyone puts on weight in winter?

Or given yourself the excuse to eat a pie for lunch as you need it to keep warm or your belief that the food in winter is stodgier?

Or even ‘I’ll get this winter weight off when summer comes.’


Research has shown that weight gained over winter is not often lost in summer. In fact, what happens is a slight increase in weight every year-  the winter weight doesn’t come off…ever.


One thing’s for sure, it is easier not to put the weight on in the first place than try to get it off after the event.


So, I had to speak up when my friend said salad wasn’t enough in winter because that thinking was not going to help her achieve her health goals. The correction to this statement was simple – salad is cold and that is the reason why a lot of people don’t eat it in winter. You don’t need to eat extra calories you just prefer warm food. However, a bowl of soup and grainy bread or left overs from the night before, for example meat and veggie stir fry can be heated up and still give you the vegetables and protein you need for a warm, healthy and hearty lunch.


Hopefully you know me well enough now to know that I am totally okay with the occasional pie or pastry but don’t think that because it’s winter that it’s the green light to have this type of food every day and still maintain your weight or that you will get it off in summer as it may not happen. Particularly as you get older, it is not as easy to lose the extra weight you gain through the year.

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Another interesting piece of research stated that those people who have their heaters on very high are more likely to carry extra weight than those who have their heaters on lower settings.


So, rug up, keep moving and don’t fall into the trap of thinking that everyone puts on weight in winter, as it’s a sure-fire bet that you will!



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