How you define yourself does impact on your weight loss success?

July 24, 2012 BY: LISA

How do you define yourself and what is the impact of this on your health outcomes?

The way that you define yourself has a definite impact on your performance in anything in life including your ability to lose weight or make any changes that you need for your health.

A client commented to me today that their friend lamented “I need to lose weight and I just can’t” all the while she was eating potato chips. Weight loss, indeed any health change, takes a degree of insight and honesty. As Dr Phil always says” You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge” so you need to be honest with yourself about the types of excuses you are letting yourself get away with.

A classic one I use as an example all the time is “Everyone puts on weight in winter”. If you believe this then you will have no problem joining everyone who puts on weight in winter because you will use this as your excuse for eating the extra foods that you know will put on the kilograms, all in the name of keeping warm.

“I’m just the type of person who can’t eat just one biscuit, if they are open I have to eat the whole pack.” Here again,  you can’t?, you are just made this way….really?? The real test question is “Do you do this in public too? Or just when you are on your own?”

Honesty and insight. You need to be aware that your thoughts are your limiting factor and be honest enough with yourself to acknowledge it before you will make any long term changes.

Another question you need to ask yourself is “Would I be happy for someone else to define me the way I define myself?” That is, if I consider myself lazy- that’s why you don’t exercise. Or if I consider myself as lacking self control around food- hence you can’t stop at one. Would you be happy for a friend to describe you as lazy and lacking self control? Does that really define you well or are these things that you would be quite offended to hear?

You can’t have it both ways! You can’t rely on one set of excuses when you really don’t believe that they define you well. But it is a bit scary! Because if you are not lazy then why aren’t you exercising?? If you do have self control then why have you not tackled your biscuit intake?
Acknowledging these things strips your excuses bare and means that you actually have to tackle these issues instead of hiding behind your excuses.

But do you remember a time in the past when you have been doing all/most of the healthy habits that you were aiming for? How did you feel? Certainly, when you are acting in line with all the things you feel you should be doing there is a level of satisfaction and empowerment. What a great place to be!

Forward this on to anyone that you feel may benefit from it.

Good Luck

Lisa Renn APD



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