How to get more control of the food you eat – what does value mean to you?

December 9, 2014 BY: LISA

What is true value and what has it got to do with weight loss?

It’s come to my attention that value is a multi –faceted phenomena

In the dictionary the definition of value is worth, desirability, utility and the qualities on which these depend.


How might this play out in our lives and where is the confusion?

When we get a low priced bargain we are really happy. When we go out for dinner and have a massive plate of food we are happy if it dripping off the sides with copious amounts of chips. I f we eat at an all you can eat buffet most people will get their money’s worth and eat up big in order to create good value.


So perhaps value is getting what you want.

On the flip side we have the saying you get what you pay for so in fact we have another side to value that you may have also considered at some time. If you buy something cheap and it breaks – you say what do you expect – it was cheap = low value.


So here again value is about the end result that you desire and perhaps it is the higher price that provides the better value.


When you are trying to lose weight or get healthier and you get invited to a social event you have two competing desires:

I)     Eat what you like without restraint

II)   Be a weight that you are happy with and manage your health


If you only consider desire number one and eat what you like it has a consequence – how do you feel about yourself if you also desire to lose weight? The answer may be depressed, guilty.


If you only consider desire number two and had to restrain everything you eat in a social situation -how do you feel then? Again the answer may be deprived and depressed.


Sounds like a lose lose outcome. Where is the value in that?


Let’s think about the end result or getting what we want = value


If you value eating what you like but also value how you look and feel in regard to your weight and health- what is likely to give you the greatest value for a night out?


I began thinking about this when a client mentioned that if the food or drink is free at an event then they feel compelled to drink and eat heartily! That is certainly a logical thought to get true value from the event.


However this is where you need to start to think about what truly would be the outcome you desire. That is, what would provide true value, in that it met both your desires to eat what you like as well as feel good about how you managed your weight?


The end result is, of course, a compromise, between the “all you can eat” philosophy and the “I can’t eat any of my favourite foods” camp.

Too often we swing between one extreme and the other without considering what we truly would value as the outcome.


The take home message:


So next time you are presented with the opportunity to eat whatever you like think about all the things you are trying to achieve and what would really provide the most value to you.


The ultimate success is when you get to eat some of the food you love without over indulging and also get to feel that you have been in control of you r food choices. Now that is good value for an evening out – that’s the way you get to feel great after a social event and satisfy both your desires.


Lisa APD


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