How to foster good body image in your kids

June 15, 2018 BY: LISA

There are many things in your children’s world that you cannot control. But as a mother or a father there is something you can do to actively support body confidence in your child. Being a positive role model is great for your child and also for you. Here are a few tips to support your child’s body image, written by Danni Rowlands who is a body image and eating disorders expert-taken from my book “Diet Proof your Kids”:


  • Avoid criticising or commenting negatively about your body and appearance in front of your child, or others.


  • Avoid commenting or criticising anyone’s appearance. The more you talk about ‘looks’ the more important you make them.


  • If you must talk about appearances, be mindful of your language.


  • Respect diversity in body shape, appearance and ethnicity.

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  • Value yourself as a whole person not just a physical thing.


  • Help your child to challenge beauty ideals in the media, for males and females, through open, non-judgemental discussion. Celebrities are people too.


  • Avoid rigid, restrictive fad diets and extreme or excessive exercise.Diets don’t work.


  • Celebrate the functionality of your body by focusing on what it does rather than how it looks.


  • A healthy, fit and beautiful body comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.


  • Be active and move your body to be healthy and strong, rather than to be thin or muscular.

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  • Aim to demonstrate self-pride over self-obsession.


  • Practise body gratitude.


  • Admire the beauty and body shape of others instead of comparing ourselves.


  • Rather than focusing on physical attributes in people, focus on strengths talents and inner qualities.


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