How do you lose weight and keep it off?

April 3, 2017 BY: LISA

Be Accountable to Yourself…

I was sitting with a client today and as so often happens I was learning while I was working. My client was using an app (my fitness pal) to help her keep track. I’m okay with people using apps as long as they are helpful – when they start to take over and make you feel too much like you are dieting and you start to do strange things- I think then it’s time to have a break.


But anyway, she was finding it really helpful. Todays ‘AHA’ moment came when she said that she puts in her food intake even on her ‘bad’ days. Now that is impressive, and is a sign to me that she will succeed with losing more weight and keeping it off as she is not shying away from her ‘stuff ups.’

Unhealthy vs healthy food

Not only is she seeing a dietitian for accountability but she is also being accountable to herself; being honest with herself and holding herself accountable, instead of being an ally to her self-sabotaging self.


The more usual response to a ‘bad’ day is to not record it or write it down- and I get that because it doesn’t look good and no one likes to ‘blot’ their copy book – however by doing that you are not allowing yourself to learn nor are you holding yourself accountable to your own plan and you may be finding that you are not achieving your health and weight goals. You are creating an ally for your self-sabotaging self.


Being honest with yourself is easier when you understand you don’t need to be perfect.


When you are trying to lose weight we are never talking about perfection – as soon as you talk about perfect then you won’t want to think about stuffing up or even acknowledging it – when that happens you bury your head in the sand and don’t learn anything from the situation either.

business man with his head buried in the sand

business man with his head buried in the sand

So, the plan is:

  • NEVER expect perfection- you are always just looking at ways to get better, there is no failure in stuffing up only learning.
  • Be honest and accountable to yourself – if you rely entirely on others to keep you on track you could find yourself in trouble, there is a lot of time you spend by yourself meaning if you go off track there is no one to bring you back.
  • DO hold yourself accountable for your ‘bad’ days BUT not in the way of paying out on yourself, rather in the way of ‘What can I learn from this?” In my client’s case she learnt that her over eating on certain foods had a big impact on her calorie intake – she hadn’t known that those particular foods could make such an impact and will rethink over-eating on those foods next time. Even the act of writing it or logging it gives your time to learn from it- did you like the feeling of recording that break out? “No!” So next time you are tempted to break out you can reflect on how you felt on and then decide, “Do I want to feel like that again?” It all helps. Accountability to yourself is a great place to start.



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