Higher Protein Diets Cause Longer Term Health Issues.

January 30, 2014 BY: LISA

When choosing a diet, particularly at the beginning of a new year it’s easy to get sucked into the latest fad. The thing about fad diets is they promise a lot but also take a lot out of you making it nearly impossible to keep them up in the long term.


A recent study has been published in Spain showing that high protein diets (such as Dukan diet) can be damaging to the kidneys; the study was done on rats over 12 weeks which represents 9 years in human terms. After this time the rats fed the high protein diet had lost 10 percent of their body weight however it also showed a more acidic urine which in turn may increase the risk of developing kidney stones, the weight of the kidneys also increased in the high protein diet which is not a good result.


The lead researcher stated that if a large amount of vegetables and fruit were consumed at the same time as a higher protein intake this could be protective against the kidney stones.



What we know is that a high protein diet does lead to extra weight loss but it also is quite a difficult and expensive regime to keep going and it may actually be doing damage to your body. It’s not a bad idea to reduce your serve size of carbohydrates but you don’t need to avoid them altogether.


If you have made a new year’s resolution or have simply decided it’s time to do something about your weight and/or health the best approach is to keep it simple and to start a routine that will fit in with your family and work commitments. There is no point starting something that you will only be able to keep up for a short period.


Here are THREE simple and quick things you can do to improve your weight, health and energy levels for 2014.


1. Eat breakfast everyday within 1 hour of waking- this will kick start your metabolism and help you manage your hunger levels throughout the day.

  • Good breakfast choices:
    • Bowl of high fibre cereal- look for >3grams per serve dietary fibre, top with a low fat or skim milk.
    • 2 slices of grainy toast with topping ( don’t rely too heavily on cheese)
    • Fruit salad with yoghurt on top
    • Low fat milk smoothie if you can’t stomach too much solid food early in the morning 

2. Plan to take your lunch to work or know what you will eat at home and make time to eat it in the middle of the day.

Too often I hear people either skip lunch because they get too busy, eat it late in the afternoon or buy take away food as they are not prepared with food to eat when lunch time comes around. These habits lead to extra calories as poorly managed hunger levels lead to extra eating in the afternoon or early evening- which leads to weight gain.

  • Good lunch choices:
    • Sandwich (grainy bread) – salad filling +/- lean meat and fruit
    • Small tin of baked beans on toast- add avocado and spinach leaves
    • Salad and tin of tuna. If you are taking a salad make sure you have a protein source otherwise you will get too hungry. E.g. lean meat, four bean mix (legumes), chicken, fish, egg or tofu.
    • Dry biscuits (grainy/high fibre) with topping and tub of yoghurt. 


3.Start a realistic exercise routine

Aim to walk at lunchtime or straight after work, or after you have dropped the kids to school. The best way to get an exercise program in place is to set the plan first, then make it happen. How many times have you said, “I’ll see how I feel after work” = guaranteed failure! You need to make the plan first and commit to doing it. The other important point is to make it realistic- don’t set goals for exercise everyday if you don’t have time for it.                                                                                                                                                                

Better to make a plan for three times per week and succeed rather than everyday and not exercise at all.


Happy New Year!                                                                      

Lisa APD


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