Have you forgotten what guilt-free feels like?

May 11, 2015 BY: LISA


When I’ve set myself a task to do whether it exercise, business or house work and I sometimes start to think about all the other things I would rather be doing and my mind starts going through the excuse list.

Frustrated business

Does your head do this?

  • “I’m very tired, I didn’t sleep well last night”,
  • “I could do it tomorrow”,
  • “I really can’t be bothered right now”,
  • “It’s cold out there.”
  • “I’ve been working hard, I deserve a break”

Despite the good excuses I come up with I usually find myself doing the task I have set- not really for the outcome – although that’s good but for what I won’t get.


I won’t feel guilty. I hate feeling guilty and the idea of avoiding guilt motivates me to action when I’m trying to get out of something that needs to be done.

It doesn’t work for your big picture purpose, your driving reason why you would be on the journey or health or business or life but it’s great for the little steps.


The problem is you won’t know this is motivating if you don’t remember how good guilt-free feels.


Do you remember guilt-free?


If you have been dieting a long time you would probably be very used to the feeling of guilty. If you’re a parent too then have a double dose of guilt! Diets demand perfection and you can’t keep perfect up for long, so eventually you will let yourself down. If you’ve been on enough diets then you are probably used to almost constant guilt.


I did a brief, one question survey on Facebook asking my friends and colleagues this question:


“Do you ever get distracted by what you are NOT doing for your health when you are supposed to be working?”


Overwhelmingly the majority said “Yes”.


The distraction is guilt and you may not even know that you don’t need to be feeling it. Indeed, you may not even remember there is any other way to feel.


With a guilt-free head space, your mind is clear for thinking about all sorts of other useful things instead of wallowing over what you didn’t do.


The first, vital ingredient for guilt-free?


Get off the diet and focus on healthy decisions, plans and actions and DON’T EXPECT PERFECT!


It’s a lot easier said than done as dieting may be all you know but if you are keen to use your brain for more constructive thought and innovation rather than guilt, I’d love to show you how.


Lisa Renn

Accredited Practising Dietitian


All enquiries, Lisa 0413 956 107 Appointments 1300 725 806
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