Have you forgotten how good health feels?

January 31, 2015 BY: LISA

I met up with some friends at a business event yesterday and two of the ladies came up to me to report they had lost weight since I had last seen them. One had lost 5kg and the other had lost 10kg. Both women said to me they had forgotten how good it feels to be able to move around without carrying as much extra weight.


Have you forgotten? Have you just adjusted to a new kind of normal that doesn’t feel as good as it used to?



Most people believe that it is natural to put on weight as you age, but really this is not the case. There is no physiological reason for this to occur. When studying the longest living populations of the world there are a few things they have in common.


  • They eat well
  • They never stop work – or at least being purposeful
  • They never stop physical activity
  • They don’t gain weight


When you think about your lifestyle, have you given in to ageing? Just coasting along accepting a decrease in mobility and wellbeing?


Do you make excuses for your lack of meal planning or exercise, saying you are too busy or your kids and family come first?


I would encourage you to start thinking about the possibility of both feeling better and more comfortable physically but also feeling better and more comfortable with yourself emotionally. A boost to your self- esteem does wonders and helps you to start to achieve those things you only dream about.


If the idea of another diet is exhausting, I would have to agree with you – it’s not the way to long term success.


The Vital Factors for Success:


  • The key is not to focus on what you can’t eat but on what you can eat.
  • Plan for what food you need to get ready in order that the meals and snacks are there when you need them.
  • Think about what physical activity you enjoy and can do not a gruelling schedule that you hate.
  • Make yourself and your needs just as important as everybody else’s.


If you have struggled to make this work in the past, you are not alone- diets seem to be the first thing people think about to lose weight. Yet if you consider the weight loss success you have with diets you only look in terms of the weight you lost, but what about looking at it in terms of the amount of weight you have kept off. The success rate of the diet is not so good.


If you want to know how to lose weight and keep it off you can check out this video which introduces you to a new way of losing weight and feeling better. One that will actually help you change your unhelpful habits and thoughts to bring success and help you on the road to remembering how good it feels to be fit and well.



Don’t lose sight of how good health feels, find a better solution

Good Luck!

Lisa APD


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