Getting back on a healthy track when you are out of routine

March 2, 2018 BY: LISA

It’s the school holidays and you may be out of routine. For a lot of people this can mean that all things healthy stop. It’s not as easy to get to the gym or exercise when the kids are around, there is more snack food in the house and there is no need to get up as early.


While there is little you can do about the existence of school holidays or finding yourself  out of your normal routine, the real problem is that it can throw you back into old habits that may not have been as helpful.

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It’s called relapse and it’s a normal part of trying to get into a new routine. It’s probably not if it will happen, but when. The good news about this is that this isn’t a reflection of your weakness it’s simply part of being human and trying to change behaviour.


When you start some new health habits they are still a bit unfamiliar and uncomfortable, or at least not as comfortable as the things you were doing in the past. This means that any break you have from your new routine can lead you back to where you started. This feels like taking one step forward and two steps backwards…sound familiar?


The Solution?

Be aware of it happening! If you get through the entire school holidays and have undone everything you had started that may not be as useful as getting through a couple of days and realising that you are off track. Or even better, knowing that school holidays are a danger time and putting some plans in place to ensure they don’t cause the problems they normally do.


Depending on the age of your kids you will have genuine restrictions about what you can do. So, it may be a good time to change your expectations of exercise or at least change the type of exercise you do in order to accommodate your kids.


With your food … you still gotta eat! So, keep yourself in as close a routine to normal as possible. Think about what you will be doing for that day and plan what meals and snacks you will have or need to prepare to take with you, or if you are going out, consider if you are buying food out where you will go. Sometimes it  may be that you can take between meal snacks with you or grab a small milk coffee, like a latte`, and call that your snack and then purchase your lunch. The trick is to not get caught out being too hungry and buying the first thing at hand which may not make you feel as in control.

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I get that school holidays mean you get a bit of a rest from routine, I love it that I get a break from making school lunches! To avoid the feeling of disappointment you get from being out of routine too far, taking the time for a little bit of planning can give you the best of both worlds.



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