Get Analytical NOT Hysterical

June 30, 2015 BY: LISA

Changing from a diet mentality to just healthy eating can be easier said than done. I’ve had many clients who are travelling along really well with their new healthy eating mind set. Not getting stressed if they ate something they felt they ‘shouldn’t have’, getting back on track without over eating in rebellion. Exercising on a regular basis and feeling fitter and better about themselves. Planning well for meals and snacks and generally feeling really pleased with themselves for the first time in a long time. Perhaps you can relate to this?


Until something happens…


  • It could be you get on the scales and see you haven’t lost as much as you hoped or anything at all.
  • You go shopping and are not the size you hoped you would be
  • You attend a social event and over eat
  • You listen to other friends and family talking about the latest diet
  • You have a stressful event that knocks you around
  • You go on holiday and can’t get back on track


If could be any number of things but what you do know is you have slipped back into your old diet mentality and you are feeling stressed and the need to be perfect. You have stopped planning and are over eating and not stopping at one anymore. What happened?


When you are trying to change it’s quite normal to have slip ups. You may have heard the latest quit smoking campaign where they say “Never stop quitting” it can take a few times to be successful. This is all that’s happening here.


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The worst thing you can do is keep berating and paying out on yourself for stuffing up- that really just gets you back to your old diet mentality where you were either on the diet or off the diet.


The key?


Get analytical NOT hysterical…


Instead of trying to force yourself to get back to how you were thinking when you were going well just stop and think about what you have to do. In my head I have a picture of a scientist with a clip board versus one of those women in the old movies who was just screaming hysterically. Clearly being analytical is going to get the clearer thoughts and plan of action.


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The way to getting back on track is to acknowledge the diet mentality does not work- you went back there, you tried it again and have worked out it is not effective. Hypothesis disproved. Analyse the situation don’t just look at it and scream in despair.


Now- what do you have to do?


For most people it’s really just the planning of meals and snacks that dropped off and it’s about putting the plan back in place. Learn from your past experience- when did you stopped planning meals and snacks or where you started to put off the weekly shopping- then create a new plan of action to get back on track.


Good Luck – be in touch if I can help.


Lisa APD


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