Fast food snacks: Small packages, big on calories.

September 2, 2011 BY: LISA

I was watching TV tonight and saw one of the fast food
companies advertising a range of snacks that would be suitable for between
meals when you are feeling a bit peckish. It was a chicken range of products,
so, I decided to look into what the fast food companies think would be a good
snack choice.

The tables below outline a few of the snacks and drinks
available at some of the major fast food outlets. Given that 7000-9000 kilojoules(kj)
(1670-2140 calories) per day is an estimate required to maintain weight at low activity
levels; use the lower-mid end of the range if you’re female and the upper end
for males.  Snacks of around 420-630kj
(100-150 calories) are recommended as a good serve size to achieve weight loss…how
do these snacks stack up?

Chips and nuggets:

  Regular (medium) Chips 6 Nuggets (without sauce)
McDonalds 1540kj      (386cal) 1160        (279cal)
Hungry Jacks 1409kj     (336cal) 974kj       (232cal)
KFC 1137kj      (271cal) 1090kj     (260cal)


Wraps, burgers and other stuff:


Crispy chicken wrap 1130kj     (271cal)
Seared chicken wrap 868kj       (208cal)
Cheese burger 1190kj     (284cal)


Hungry Jacks

Chicken wrap 1977kj    (471cal)
Spicy chicken tender crisp 2221kj    (530cal)
Grilled chicken burger 1584kj    (378cal)



Snack box 1 serve 2087kj    (498cal)
Twister 2446kj    (583cal)
3 Crispy strips 1514kj    (583cal)



Medium coke = 1 x 375ml can 650kj                    (155cal)
Medium Strawberry thick shake 1600kj                   (382cal)
KFC  Krusher 1100-2280kj          (262-544cal)
McDonalds fruit fizz 429kj                    (103cal)
Standard Late` 658kj                    (157cal)
Medium Orange juice 782kj                    (187cal)



Compare it to these snack options:

Piece of fruit (kiwi – banana) 165 -355kj        (39-85cal)
Tub of low fat flavoured yoghurt 650kj                 (155cal)
2 wholegrain crackers with avocado 515kj                 (123cal)
Handful of nuts (approx. 20 nuts) 800kj                 (190cal)
Glass of skim milk 525kj                 (125cal)
1 small slice of raisin toast and  thin spread margarine 600kj                 (143cal)


Top tips for snacking:

  1. Even though these fast foods snacks might come
    in small packages, they can pack a calorie punch particularly if you get a
    drink as well.
  2. It’s a good idea to keep in mind that a snack is
    really something to just take the edge off your hunger, it’s not a meal. The
    aim is to be hungry again for lunch or dinner.
  3. Having breakfast is a great way of keeping
    hunger at bay and helps you  make better
    snack choices throughout the morning as you won’t be as hungry.
  4. Although nuts are higher in energy, the protein
    and fibre will help you feel fuller for longer and nuts will help to lower
    cholesterol, a burger won’t do that!


Lisa Renn is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and
author of “Body Warfare – The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss” (Brolga
Publishing 2011)


All enquiries, Lisa 0413 956 107 Appointments 1300 725 806
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