Emotional Eating- Adding to your Burden of Stress

February 23, 2015 BY: LISA

Could you be treating yourself like a human pressure cooker?

I was talking to a client the other day and we were speaking about the idea of eating to relieve a stressful situation or reward yourself at the same time as feeling dissatisfied with your body and wanting to lose weight.
It’s an interesting concept that when you are looking for stress relief we look to put more things in, for example food, when what we really need to do is to get the stress out.


  • Stress relief needs to be about relieving pressure, not adding to it.

Can you see that when you are under stress your feelings are building up? You feel a bit hotter, your shoulders start to tense, you may grit your teeth or clench your jaw. I know I get some warning signs when I’m about to blow my stack at my kids – it really is like a build-up of steam.
Now imagine you are also trying to lose weight or get better control of your diabetes or other health condition and you make a decision to eat food- sometimes lots more than you normally would. I understand this is to distract you, to take your mind off your stress or too reward or comfort yourself- and I believe it does in the short term. The question is how do you feel afterwards?



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Let’s think of ourselves as a pressure cooker- you start to build up a head of steam and then instead of releasing it we decide to crank it up a bit more by eating when you are not hungry and often the foods you are trying to avoid. The result- a major blow out!
The sad thing is that eating was meant to be the solution that made you feel better but instead it just added to the stressful situation.
Can I encourage you to think about relieving tension and stress instead of adding to it? Think of yourself as the pressure cooker and know that you have to let stress out rather than add to it.

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When you are feeling calm, make a list of the things you feel would release pressure for you.

The things on your list could be:
• Reading
• Having a bath
• Going for a walk
• Watching a DVD
• Listening to music
• Speaking to a friend
• Writing in a journal
• Watering the garden or doing some gardening
• Doing some craft work


The aim: think meandering stream rather than pressure cooker…

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Good Luck!
Lisa APD


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