Do you rely on will power to lose weight?

July 24, 2011 BY: LISA

Do you need will power to lose weight?

Will power is a short term phenomena, sustainable weight
loss is something which requires long term strategies.

People often say they have trouble losing weight as they
have no will power and lack self control.

My question to them is, ‘Would you be happy if a friend
described you as someone lacking will power and with no self control? Would it
even be true?’ Often the answer is ‘No, that’s not me I do have self control.’

My point being you have this as a skill but you may not be
putting it to good use in every aspect of your life- this way it’s kind of
acting as an excuse why you can’t stick to your healthy eating plans. The
problem is you belief is not based on fact!

If you acknowledge that you do have self control then you will
be more inclined to use it.

But, just as importantly you need to have a good reason why
you want to lose weight. Why would you bother using your self control and will
power if there was no benefit to you in the end!

So why do you want to lose weight? What do you stand to
gain? What could you do better if you were carrying a bit less weight? How
might you feel about yourself?

This is an important question to answer; many people are
trying unsuccessfully to lose weight as they really don’t know why they are
trying in the first place!


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