Do you eat your favourite foods first or last?

September 19, 2012 BY: LISA

Brian Wansink, in his book “Mindless Eating”, has done research into the time in the meal that people eat their favourite foods and has found that 50% of us eat first and 50% eat the favourites last. But what was interesting was the type of person that chose to eat first Vs last.

They found that if you ate your favourite food first that you are more likely to be the youngest in the family or come from a large family. When you were young you learnt quickly that if you didn’t eat your favourite food first someone else would swoop in and pinch it!

However if you were more secure in the knowledge that no one was going to eat you food, that is, if you were the oldest child or an only child you may choose to eat your favourite food last. I must say that I am the oldest child and tend to eat my favourite food last! Interestingly though my children do the exact opposite to the findings in this research…its true there is exceptions to every rule!

The reason why this may be an issue though is that if you are used to eating your favourite food first you could be filling up on the high calorie food and leave the salad and veggies until last when you don’t have as much room in your stomach. In this way you leave the lower calorie foods on your plate and ensure you eat the higher calorie foods.

Brian Wansink found this preference for when you ate your favourite food was started very early in life and carried through until adulthood unless the individual choose to override it.

So, if you are trying to lose weight and tend to eat the higher calorie foods first as they are your favourites you may like to try doing the opposite. The name of the game with weight loss is eating fewer calories so any small strategy you can try may be useful.

This is yet another example of being aware of how you do things and being able to determine if it is having an effect on your ability to lose weight. Then, if you decide it is a problem that you can do things a bit differently and choose to change it.

Good Luck!

Lisa (APD)



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