Are you going off track?

April 7, 2020 BY: LISA

Are you struggling with motivation in these interesting times?

You’d be forgiven for feeling a bit out of routine at the moment!

Whether it is your usual shopping habits, your exercise or work, there is no doubt things have changed quickly and it can be a struggle to adapt. I’ve put together four tips to help people stay, or get back, on track.

Crazy times, changes everywhere…

In the past I have decided what I want to cook for the week, written a shopping list and gone to get the stuff I need. In recent weeks I have forgotten about the planning, as who knows what I’ll be able to buy when I get there…. thankfully this seems to have settled now as the people who had panic purchased have realised their freezers are overflowing!

I usually rely on a gym class to do my exercise, as I just like being told what to do and getting it done, well that’s changed too. I’m looking online for exercise videos and muddling through but it doesn’t feel quite the same and isn’t nearly as motivating.

I’m working from home which is going fine and I am very grateful that I am still working. But I imagine many people have found their work stopping or changing and if you have young children then time to yourself is likely almost non-existent. It’s a stressful time, no doubt about it.

However, if you use all these reasons to get off track with your eating and exercise you may find that your weight and possibly health will not be where you want it at the end of all this; then everything is out of control. I would encourage you to keep healthy eating and regular movement on your agenda as then you will be feeling in control of at least a couple of things.

business man with his head buried in the sand

My tips for staying on track:

  1. Plan meals and snacks – the more you have already thought about what you will eat for the day the less likely you will be to get off track.
  2. Write a shopping list and include the foods you have planned on it- if you can, only shop once per week, this decreases impulse buying, saves money and will also keep you more effectively isolated.
  3. Plan a time for exercise. Even though you may not have as many time constraints at the moment, it’s more likely you will get your exercise in if you have a time booked. Make sure it’s a time when it’s most realistic – for me this has to be in the morning; if I leave it later in the day the less likely I will feel like it.
  4. Think about why you would want to stay on track – what are the benefits to you? Feeling better, more energy, acting in a way that makes you feel pleased and more in control, skipping into spring and life beyond COVID19. Why would you like to stay on track?

Stay Safe

Lisa APD


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