A most important message about chocolate!

December 29, 2017 BY: LISA

How to eat chocolate responsibly


So many times people say to me ‘I just can’t have chocolate, when I start I can’t stop so it’s easiest just not to have any”


My reply…” Until you can learn to trust yourself with chocolate you will always struggle with your weight. This is a skill you need to learn”

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Often when people eat chocolate they eat it really quickly as they feel guilty even starting. Then once they have started they keep going thinking that ‘I’ve already messed up so I may as well get this over with and finish the block. At least then it will no longer be a problem for me.” What this gets is a love-hate relationship with chocolate and really a battle when of wills whenever it’s near.


The first step…eat chocolate like a rodent. My partner, at the time, once looked over at me enjoying chocolate and said “You eat chocolate like a rodent” He may have meant this as an insult but I thought it was a brilliant analogy and gave people a real picture of how to really enjoy chocolate in small quantities.


If you eat slowly you get to taste it a whole lot more as you get it on your taste buds rather than just your teeth!


So, the rodent starts by taking a small bite, like really small, about 1/5 of a square and then you suck it and let it melt on your tongue. Eating like this can make a square of chocolate last for 5 minutes and you really get the taste and enjoyment and you really don’t need to eat much at all.

Eating quickly, you can’t taste it so you have to eat more.


If you are eating chocolate to fill up on then you are using it in the wrong way. Chocolate is not a good snack it’s a delightful extra that you might have in small quantities after eating something that will satisfy your hunger.


I was telling my friend this plan as she said had this issue with chocolate so she set about eating like a rodent while her husband watched on and was working his way through the rest of the block of chocolate. He said ‘How’s that working for you?’  Well, of course it didn’t as she say her half the block disappearing fast.


The important part: Make sure your share of the chocolate is safe from others as you can’t slow down and enjoy your small portion when you know that means you will get less. Your are only human not super human…set yourself up for success!



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