A Healthy Breakfast Cereal Could Make You Live Longer

April 28, 2015 BY: LISA

Having cereal for breakfast is now an even better choice:

I’ve long advocated having cereal for breakfast as it provides the highest fibre choices- that means if you choose a good breakfast cereal you will be more likely to meet you daily dietary fibre needs than if you ate bacon and eggs, a smoothie or an omelette for breakfast.
Now this has been back up by research that suggest eating a good whole grain, high fibre cereal can actually lengthen your life.


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A long term study followed 100,000 people for 14 years from 1984 to 2010.Scientists found that for every 28g of whole grains eaten a day – the equivalent of a small bowl of porridge – the risk of all premature death was reduced by five per cent and heart deaths by nine per cent.
That’s not a bad incentive to eat a bowl of cereal for brekkie.

What is a wholegrain cereal?

Wholegrain cereals contain the three layers of the grain. Wholegrain cereals contain more fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than refined cereal foods such as white bread, because many of the important nutrients occur in the outer layer of the grain which is lost during processing.


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Wholegrain foods are particularly important in vegetarian diets as a source of iron and zinc. Wholemeal foods are made from wholegrains which have been crushed to a finer texture. Nutritionally, wholegrain and wholemeal foods are very similar. Choosing wholegrain varieties is best.


Tips for choosing wholegrain (cereals) include:

• Look for words like ‘wholegrain’ or ‘wholemeal’.
• Some ‘multigrain’ breads are made with white flour and various whole grains added.
• ‘Wholemeal wholegrain’ bread is made with wholemeal flour plus whole grains and has more fibre and nutrients than wholemeal, wholegrain or white breads.



The Bottom Line…

Eat breakfast everyday, if you need variety have your cereal one day, then yoghurt and fruit (could add some muesli), then a bowl of porridge, then a smoothee, then your omelette, then cereal, then your eggs and bacon with tomato, mushrooms and spinach.


Variety is the spice of life, just make sure it includes whole grains!

Enjoy a healthy breakfast!

Lisa APD


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