5 Must Do’s to Start Losing Weight Today.

May 13, 2013 BY: LISA

Today I’m playing the role of unreasonable friend. If you want to lose weight then it’s time to get serious. Here are some things to start doing today for instant weight loss.

1.      Start eating breakfast. You have to know by now that if you are skipping breakfast in order to lose weight that it doesn’t work. There are so many women out there who haven’t eaten breakfast for years just starting the day with a coffee and cigarette in their 20’s and find that in their 30-50’s it just doesn’t work to maintain weight any more. Skipping any meal can lower your metabolism by 15% which means you burn less energy and store more fat. Set a goal to start re-introducing breakfast- make a smoothee, have a piece of fruit and yoghurt or have a bowl of cereal or toast. Kick start your metabolism tomorrow morning!

2.      Cut out eating after dinner. Eating after dinner is really nothing to do with hunger. We manage to go 3 hours or more between 7am breakfast and 10-11am morning tea snack but it seems we can’t go more than an hour or two after the biggest meal of the day. Think about why you are eating after dinner- if you say you are hungry – think about another reason. Our metabolism does slow toward the end of the day so if you overeat at this time the calories are more likely to sit on your hips. A small twinge of hunger you can live through, if you truly are starving then you are not eating enough dinner.

3.      Get moving. I was out walking today at a place in Melbourne known as the 1000steps, and that’s what it is. Lots of great figures go up and down the steps and they are all puffing and panting. I thought to myself this is the “gritty side of pretty.” People aspire to have a great body but aren’t prepared to do the hard yards. There is definitely an unpretty side to a great body, so go out and get gritty!

4.     Eat less dinner. As a dietitian I hear a lot about what people are eating and in Australia it would be an accurate generalisation to say that the evening meal is the largest for most people. You get used to eating a similar amount each night whether it’s too much for you or not. You could assume that if you are trying to lose weight and you’re not then portion size is probably to blame and your biggest meal is a good place to start cutting back. Start by making half your plate vegetables and fill in the other half with a smaller piece of meat and a smaller serve of potato, rice or pasta or other grain based food.

5.      Respond to hunger appropriately. Diets have a lot to answer for. A lot of long term dieters have ignored hunger or skipped meals for so long that they no longer know what it feels like to be hungry. The best way to reconnect with hunger is to start eating breakfast, don’t be scared if you get hungry again by morning tea- respond appropriately with a piece or fruit or a milk coffee or tub of yoghurt or dry biscuit with topping. Hunger is a sign that your metabolism is working, ignoring it is when the problems with weight gain start.

Good Luck!                                                                              

Lisa APD



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